We get to know people beyond resumes or revenues.
FYI Solutions develops long-term relationships with clients and consultants through professionalism and integrity. We care about the people who work with us and who we work for.

This allows us to deliver a level of service and results to our clients that others can’t match. We take the time to understand our clients’ issues—both technology and business goals—so we can create greater value through smarter solutions and consultative staffing.

No other firm knows their consultants better or treats them better than FYI Solutions. That’s why top talent stays here--and helps our clients get results.

We focus on what we do best.
Unlike larger “do it all” firms, our boutique focus allows us to deliver results on a scale far greater than our size. We focus on the solutions we know well.
 We focus on the industries we know well. So when we make a recommendation you know you can count on it. Because it’s what we do every day.

We believe in the power of local experience and expertise.
15 years into the outsourcing wave, many of our clients are realizing many things really do get lost in translation. When you’re further away from the problem, the system, the software, and the business, you’re further away from the solution. There’s no substitute for being on the ground. That’s why we don’t offshore work. Instead, we create innovative and cost-effective ways to bring together world-class talent close to home to help our clients regain control of their data.

We build teams that trust.
Creating the right mix of talent and services—both outside and inside of our clients’ organization—is how we succeed. Creating solutions that will truly impact our clients’ business is a team effort. That’s why our consultants are true team players. They know how to work well with each other, with other vendors, and with our clients’ IT staff to work towards a common goal.

We are responsible for results.
While we work with many clients, there’s one thing they all have in common: a mandate for results. We understand and accept this responsibility. FYI Solutions' professionals don’t focus on the process. We focus on the outcome. We are self-starters who know how to run projects, not people who need to be managed.