What Is ProRequirements?

ProRequirements is a requirements management tool developed by FYI Solutions. It is an integral part of the ProMethod™ methodology that FYI Solutions brings to each of its client engagements. ProRequirements an alternative to burdensome and expensive requirements management applications on the market today. The browser-based tool allows multiple users to collaborate on projects. It promotes a simple approach to creating and editing many types of requirements and other project data. It allows project members and stakeholders to stay current with the project as requirements change.

Why Is Requirements Management Important?

Proper requirements management ensures that client expectations are met and documentation of system functionality is maintained. It has been proven to dramatically reduce project cost and effort. It enables proper change control by tracing the impact of business requirement changes on system functionality and test procedures.

ProRequirements AdvantagesProblems with other Systems

Record as much or as little information as you need to manage your project

Process heavy and burdensome design consumes time and effort
Simple layout with just the functionality you needLoaded with options you pay for but will never need
The home page makes requirements easy to find, use, and stay on top ofInformation you need to work with is buried
If you need to work with the data in more detail, simply download it and import it into desktop tools

Complicated options make it difficult to produce reports and work with the information

Key Features:

  • View all requirements that are waiting for your approval.
  • Record as much or as little information as you want.
  • In addition to requirements, manage test scripts, data elements, and use cases, with traceability throughout.
  • Register interest in a requirement to be notified of any changes.
  • Retain the history of a requirement as it is changed.
  • Trace a requirement to or from any other requirement.
  • Download an extract file which may be imported into desktop tools for reports or further exploration
  • Manage Multiple Projects and User Roles
  • Work on many projects at the same time.
  • View and open all of the projects that you’re working on.
  • Users may have different roles on different projects.


ProRequirements allows your project team to collaborate on requirements over the internet or via your intranet. You will save money with an inexpensive alternative to other process-heavy requirements management systems. Your team and business partners may view changes that impact their functional area as they occur. Your project will be fully documented to ensure proper change control.

To find out more about ProRequirements, including pricing, or to request a demonstration, contact us at FYI Solutions. Email us at Info@fyisolutions.com, or call us at 973-331-9050 and ask for “ProRequirements Support.”