At FYI Solutions, we value our consultants. We know the best practice is to stay in touch while they are out on billing.  Too often, consultants are placed on assignments, never to hear from their placement firm until the engagement is ending.  It is just as important to us to manage the relationships with our consultants as it is with our clients.

What makes FYI Solutions different is a program we developed called Consultant Outreach.  The program keeps us connected to our consultants and clients.

We deliver better results through closer relationships.

Highlights of Consultant Outreach:

  • A scheduled face-to-face meeting every 6-8 weeks with the consultant.
  • Discuss and resolve issues or questions. We want to be proactive with the consultant and the client.
  • Address issues so the client is free to concentrate on their business and project.
  • Be aware of positive situations with the client, like commendations from the client.
  • Become an advocate for the consultant.  Align new opportunities on a timely basis and provide opportunities to expand their skill set.
  • Ensure the consultant feels connected to FYI and share information about FYI's near and long-term focus.
  • Touch base with the client to keep them informed.