An Entirely New Way of Thinking about Business Analytics

For many small and mid-size companies, the term “business analytics solutions” had been synonymous with the word “complexity.” It’s the major reason why Business Analytics isn’t deployed in many of those firms. Furthermore, additional costs that come with complex systems also made it cost prohibitive.

FYI Solutions’ cloud services now allow small and mid-size companies to take full advantage of opportunities that Business Analytics can bring to an organization by making the following possible:

•    More affordable solutions
•    Faster implementations
•    No longer necessary to purchase your own infrastructure
•    No longer necessary to have your own BI staff
•    Ability to grow the infrastructure based on business demands.

FYI Solutions is uniquely qualified to meet the demands of small and mid-sized businesses looking to deploy Business Intelligence into their firms. Business Analytics is a core competency of FYI Solutions, whose history of delivering powerful systems has provided clients with a comprehensive understanding of factors affecting their business performance. In addition, FYI Solutions specializes in IBM Cognos Express, a leading solution among business analytics tools for small to mid-sized businesses. Cloud Hosting is provided via one of FYI Solutions’ hosting partners.

Nucleus Research - Bottom Line quote “FYI has developed a private cloud offering for IBM Cognos Express called CX-Cloud, which allows small and mid-sized organizations to deploy Cognos Express in the cloud. Nucleus has found that this approach can potentially reduce hardware and support costs by over $100,000 for a 100 user deployment, making this product a necessary consideration for mid-sized organizations considering a Cognos analytics deployment.”

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Benefits of a Cloud Solution

Move Fast
Dashboards and reports can be created without a long lead-time to get the necessary resources and architecture in place.

No Infrastructure Build-Out
No new server hardware to purchase and install. No additional burden on facilities and existing infrastructure support staff.

No New Resources
Business Analytics solutions can be complex. FYI Solutions will take care of all installation, configuration, and implementation tasks, as well as end user training. Advanced power user and report developer training is also available.

Financial Advantages
There is no long- term commitment, although longer-term commitments can result in significant cost savings. Our offering will also allow you to shift expenses from capital expenditures to operational. Low-cost financing is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

FYI Solutions will provide the IBM Cognos Express product and supporting services tailored to meet your company’s needs. Think of it as one-stop shopping for clients, as we guide you through the processes of purchasing the software licenses from IBM, fully implementing the system, and training your staff.

Does it perform?

Our testing confirms that FYI Solutions’ Cloud Solution can perform at near-LAN speeds. Performance levels, however, cannot be guaranteed due to the dependence on a variety of factors. But we are committed to providing the best experience possible for your environment.

Where will my data reside?

If you have existing data sources already on your premises, we can configure a solution to leverage your current data infrastructure. Clients without a data store must have one created and can choose to have it located on premises or at the hosting provider’s site. If you choose to utilize the Cognos Express Analytics Engine, the data cubes will be stored on the hosting provider’s site.

Is my data secure?

With Private Cloud architecture, data is transferred securely. The data is encrypted to and from the hosting provider and the client site. The hosting provider is certified SAS70- Type II and is compliant with SOX, HIPAA, and other standards.

How do I get support if I need it?

FYI Solutions provides the initial point of contact for all Cloud Solution related issues, including interfacing directly with IBM if necessary. 

FYI Solutions’ Cloud Solution Information
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