FYI Solutions was founded by two senior Information Technology consultants in 1984. We understand the business and technical side of the client's needs. We also totally understand our consultant's needs and perspective. This 360° insight gives us the ability to attract and retain the best consultants in the industry and match them to the appropriate client project. Our primary focus is to satisfy both our client's and consultant's needs first.

We know that our success will come from taking the time to fully understand your needs, the right environment, and goals of our clients. We make it easy for hiring managers to work with us. We don’t waste their time. They rely on us for our expertise, which is based on extensive learned knowledge of their company. As a result of this approach, FYI Solutions has employed hundreds of consultants on various assignments over the past 30+ years who have been extended multiple times beyond the initial project duration and many have been converted to client employees.


The FYI Way

We deliver better results for our clients through better relationships with our consultants. Here’s how.