What is an Analytics Assessment – Analytics Capability Roadmap

The Analytics Assessment is an engagement designed to give the client a roadmap to improve their Business Analytics competencies and capabilities.

  • Do you feel like your business could perform better with more concrete insights into operations and performance?
  • Do you know where your problem areas or trends are?
  • Are you getting value from your BI investment?


  • Comprehensive and independent assessment of your Business Analytics capabilities
  • Specifically tailored go-forward strategy
  • Technology agnostic view of your current versus desired state
  • More accurate and educated scope for subsequent project execution

Typical Problems

  • I have no idea how my business is doing or visibility into my KPI's
  • I have very basic, limited, or even non-existent reporting
  • I know we’re capturing data, I just don’t know what to do with it
  • What’s does Big Data mean to me


The primary and ultimate deliverable for the Analytic Capability Roadmap feature is a finely-tuned, highly comprehensive, compiled and cleansed report.  This report provides analysis on the current state of an organization as well as creates a roadmap of project executables to a desired future state on their path to a Business Analytics competency.