The cornerstone of FYI Solutions’ success is our network of outstanding consultants. Our best new consultants almost always come via personal referral.  FYI Solutions welcomes referrals of qualified IT professionals from their peers.

Referral Awards are available for IT professionals who are not permanent employees of client companies.


The Process

  1. Prequalification Details
    First, the referrer will determine that their candidate has:
    • Technical excellence within their discipline.
    • Outstanding professional characteristics.
    • Superior communication/interpersonal abilities within a corporate environment.
  2. Referral Award Form Submission
    If you request, the source of the referral will remain confidential.
    See Referral Award Form
  3. Introduction
    The referrer will contact any FYI Solutions Employee and present the candidate along with the completed Referral Award form.

-What Happens Next
Our recruiting team will:

  1. Determine if the candidate already exists in our database.  
  2. Contact the candidate for preliminary information and a resume.
  3. Qualify the candidate, match them to an open requirement, and present them to a client.
  4. Pay a referral fee if agreement is reached between FYI Solutions, the candidate, and the client.


Award Payment
In acknowledgement of our gratitude for a referral that results in a new consultant being placed on assignment, FYI Solutions offers the following referral payment schedule:

  • $500 after the candidate has completed 175 hours on the assignment; and
  • $500 after the candidate has completed 525 hours on the assignment.