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Apr 14, 2015

Visualize With Tableau What You Can Imagine

The Wikipedia definition of Imagination says “Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process.” Tableau lets you turn what you imagine into a visualization that you can share with other Tableau users; Tableau Public lets you share your visualizations with the world and to begin, you can download Tableau Public for free at; you may save and store your visualizations on your Tableau Public profile – Tableau gives you 1GB of space. With Tableau Public you can also embed your published vizzes on a site or blog… they are always live and interactive.

Tableau has a gallery of visualizations that were created by individuals using their imagination and Tableau Public – you can find them here: The concept of publicly sharing your visualizations can work for many organizations. For example, the NY Daily News published a Housing Project Crime Report viz embedded in the article in this link: Use your imagination to design and create a viz that you may want to share with the general public. And by the way, the next time you hear someone question Tableau’s scalability and performance… refer them to the Tableau Public site where the entire world comprises the stage of Tableau users – we believe they’ll agree Tableau scales extremely well.

After you’ve explored Tableau Public and you want to consider Tableau for your internal organization, you may consider Tableau Desktop for your developers/publishers and Tableau Server for your Tableau users to interact with published vizzes.  Tableau Desktop will allow you to explore your internal data and use your imagination to design/create vizzes that will enable you and your associates to analyze that data, enabling better business decisions. Tableau Online is for the Cloud enthusiasts. FYI Solutions is a Tableau Partner and we can assist you with any of your Tableau needs, including understanding the best Tableau solution approach for your organization. FYI Solutions offers a free 2-week trial of Tableau Desktop that you can download here:; and we would be glad to help you achieve your goals utilizing Tableau if you contact us.

When you want to research information on the internet, a common term is to Google it. Likewise when you want to research your data, you will need to Tableau it. We hope you enjoy exploring your data with Tableau. Here is a picture of a visualization:airline-viz




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