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FYI Solutions Blog: Archived by social-media

Jul 16, 2014

The Value of Early Prototyping

Author:  Kevin Jacquier I recently joined a project that just baffled my mind with respect to the amount of time and resources that had been spent prior to any true visual representation of the requirements and functionality.  Unfortunately, my peers and […]

Dec 03, 2013

From ‘Buzz’ to ROI

Social Media has become a significant and valuable contributor to the glossary of useful information in the realm of Big Data. And its availability for purposes of driving more effective analytics is priceless, as it adds yet another element of […]

Oct 09, 2013

Do we need Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics is defined as the practice of gathering data from blogs, social media, websites and analyzing that data to make better business decisions. The most common use of social media analytics is to mine customer sentiment in order […]

Apr 23, 2013

Using Social Media to Market Yourself

Author: Brian Birkbeck Just last week I had the privilege of participating in an AIRS training course, titled “Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter 4.0”, to learn about the variety of social media sites you can use to impact your social recruiting […]

Nov 13, 2012

A Cornucopia of Business and Technology Interests Abound at IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) Conference

Author: Joe Rodriguez Over 12,000 business and technology professionals from around the world converged at the IBM IOD 2012 Conference this past October in Las Vegas, Nevada, breaking the previous attendance record. This is not your average technology oriented conference… the […]

Aug 14, 2012

5 Cool New Social Recruiting Tools

FYI Solutions is committed to securing top notch candidates in the areas of Cognos, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and Software QA Testing for our IT consulting and IT Solutions practices. The FYI Solutions Recruiting Team is always on the lookout […]