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FYI Solutions Blog: Archived by qa

Jul 16, 2014

The Value of Early Prototyping

Author:  Kevin Jacquier I recently joined a project that just baffled my mind with respect to the amount of time and resources that had been spent prior to any true visual representation of the requirements and functionality.  Unfortunately, my peers and […]

Jul 23, 2013

The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing, Part 2

Last August, FYI Solutions published the blog “The Hidden Cost of Offshore Outsourcing”, highlighting many of the things that ultimately cost companies more than what they expected their offshore consulting contracts to cost.  A recent article in Computerworld also reflected […]

May 07, 2013

Tips for Implementing QA Projects

Author:  Jason Apwah FYI Solutions has been involved with Quality Assurance for nearly 30 years.  Having provided QA Centers of Excellence to many of our clients, we would like to share some of our experiences and ideas for how we […]

Aug 28, 2012

FYI Solutions Agile Testing: “The Changing Face of Quality Assurance (QA)”

Understand the true role of testing! In the past, the goal of QA testing has been to find as many bugs as possible.  The FYI Solutions approach to testing is solely to improve the software.  In an agile environment, testers […]

Aug 21, 2012

Hidden Costs of Offshore Outsourcing: The HIGH Price of LOW Cost!

During a recent client meeting we were asked to justify the cost of US based IT resources over that of an off-shore IT consulting vendor. Throughout its 30 year history, FYI Solutions has seen the wave of Offshore Outsourcing first […]

Jul 24, 2012

Quality Assurance on Demand: Addressing the Peaks and Valleys of QA Workloads

The need for a QA on Demand model hits right at the core issue that most businesses face today:  effective cost management.  Having the optimal number of resources as projects ramp up and down is paramount to achieving this. Most […]