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FYI Solutions Blog: Archived by ibm

Dec 23, 2014

Twas the night before disclosure

Author: FYI Solutions Team Twas the night before disclosure and all through the firm the departments were scurrying to update their terms the Auditors stood by, ready to validate with care in hopes that the narratives are truthful to bear […]

Dec 16, 2014

A Narrative Reporting Solution:  IBM Cognos Disclosure Management Less Time Checking, More Time Analyzing.

For many mid-size companies, creating annual, quarterly, or monthly narrative reports is a time consuming, resource intensive and error-prone process. Organizations combine text, tables, charts, and financial data that are cut and pasted into the final narrative report. In a […]

Nov 19, 2014

Make the Most of the New IBM Cognos Information Distribution License

Authors: Jeff Busch and Joe Rodriguez As part of their Cognos licensing evolution, IBM has created a new license entitlement called Information Distribution. Information Distribution users inherit the capabilities of the former Remote Recipient users, but also gain some additional […]

Nov 13, 2014

IBM Unleashes Watson Analytics Tool to Help Businesses Make Sense of Big Data

As Jeopardy is broadcasting its annual Tournament of Champions this week and next, it brings back the memories of IBM’s Watson taking on former winners Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Watson is an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering […]

Nov 07, 2014

Cognos Report Studio: Performance in Multidimensional Reporting

Author: Jason Apwah Reports based on cubes can perform really well or really, really poorly. If the performance is somewhere in between, then chances are it has failed because it has neither fully met performance goals nor fully met reporting […]

Sep 18, 2014

Big Business is Watching!

Big business is watching and they will continue to watch more carefully in the next few years!  From what your favorite TV shows are to what your favorite candy bar is, businesses that will continue to grow successfully will need […]

Sep 10, 2014

Data munging or data wrangling, a latest process in the data world!!!

Written by: Joe Wasiuk I think this is an interesting article from the NY Times, written by Steve Lohr. The term “data science” has been around for a longer period of time than I thought. I would imagine it is […]

Jul 16, 2014

The Value of Early Prototyping

Author:  Kevin Jacquier I recently joined a project that just baffled my mind with respect to the amount of time and resources that had been spent prior to any true visual representation of the requirements and functionality.  Unfortunately, my peers and […]

Jul 09, 2014

Cognos TM1: Three Habits to Break and Three to Make

Author: Jason Apwah IBM TM1 training taught you a lot, and maybe you’ve learned a few things in college. But unfortunately, a number of the most important good programming habits are learned through advice and on the job experience. Here […]

Jun 19, 2014

IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

Author: Kevin Jacquier IBM recently announced their new BLU Acceleration feature of IBM DB2.  BLU Stands for “Big Data, Lightning Fast, Ultra-Easy”.  This is a feature of IBM DB2 version 10.2, not a new product. Therefore, it requires minimal ramp […]