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Jul 16, 2014

The Value of Early Prototyping

Author:  Kevin Jacquier I recently joined a project that just baffled my mind with respect to the amount of time and resources that had been spent prior to any true visual representation of the requirements and functionality.  Unfortunately, my peers and […]

Aug 09, 2013

Flexible Date Reporting within IBM Cognos: Part 2

Presentation By: Kevin Jacquier Part 2 of the presentation details the actual solution and how it was implemented in IBM Cognos.  This solution was performed in IBM Cognos Express 10.1,  however it uses functionality that has been around since early […]

Aug 01, 2013

Flexible Date Reporting within IBM Cognos: Part 1

Presentation By: Kevin Jacquier This presentation reviews the evolution and implementation of FYI Solutions Implementation of a Flexible Date Filter for IBM Cognos Reporting of a Relational database. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.  Part 1 defines […]

May 28, 2013

When Data Doesn’t Matter

Author: Jeff Busch Of course accurate data always matters, right? We BI report developers spend hours making sure every digit in our reports is calculated correctly. Of course the data matters! But what if no one pays attention to the […]

Mar 05, 2013

In-Memory Goes Mainstream

Author:  Barbara Schiffman As a Business Analytics service provider, FYI Solutions stays on top of the latest trends regarding Business Analytics.  This has included mobile BI and Cloud-based BI. We recently read a very interesting article, “7 Top Business Intelligence […]

Oct 23, 2012

The Emergence of Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions

While smart phones and tablets have become increasingly popular items that you cannot live without, the boundaries between work and home have blurred.  Executives and managers want to know what is happening when it is happening.  They want to see […]

Oct 09, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to IBM Cognos 10

IBM Business Analytics suite of products offers a well-integrated platform to guide strategy, optimize resources, and detect and manage threats and risk.  Included in this suite of BI products are IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and Performance Management, which support the […]

Sep 11, 2012

Business Intelligence Software for Growing Companies

Choosing the right business analytics platform for your firm is not only about the features and functions that meet the business requirements. With the evolution of a variety of platforms over the last several years, choices now include products that […]

Jul 18, 2012

The Emergence of Data Discovery Tools

An emerging area of data discovery tools used in lieu of traditional BI tools is allowing data analysts – and business leaders — to interact with their data much more easily and uncover trends or relationships they may not have […]

Jul 06, 2012

Business Analytics in the Cloud

Business Analytics in the Cloud Interest in business analytics among small and mid-sized businesses is soaring. More and more data, both structured and unstructured, are becoming available to mid-sized companies from new sources. No longer do businesses need to operate […]