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Aug 01, 2014

Tips for Growing out of BI Immaturity

Author: Jeff Busch As I visit various clients and potential clients, and as I talk to colleges and network at events and conferences, I am amazed at the evidence I see that BI immaturity remains an issue. One would think […]

Jul 22, 2014

6 Simple Steps to market your business through social media!

Social media plays a key role in our present society.  It is being used worldwide and is embedded in every corner of the web. This gives companies boundless opportunities to network with prospects, establish new relationships, and build even stronger […]

Mar 06, 2014

Dashboards – Keeping the Mud off Your Pants

Author: Jeff Busch A Brief History Recently, I was curious about where the term dashboard came from. I know we get the business intelligence (BI) term from vehicle dashboards, but I could not remember ever learning why we call them […]

Apr 30, 2013

Mining Books to Map Emotions through a Century

  When anthropologists tallied the use of emotional words through a century of literature to see if patterns could be identified, they included many books without clear emotional content — technical manuals, for example, and automotive repair guides. We found […]