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Apr 29, 2015

New Recruiting Trends gaining momentum in 2015


With the arrival of the year 2015, we have fully experienced the transition in the talent management/Recruiting world of the “power” or leverage shift from hiring companies to top candidates. Those candidates who possess cutting edge and in demand skills are increasingly seeing multiple offers for their skills and services. This trend is evidenced by the fact that over 83% of Recruiters report that the power has shifted from the employer to the candidate.

To effectively meet the demand of their firms and clients, Recruiters and companies in today’s talent landscape must not rely solely on “old school” methods alone to attract and retain talent.  Listed below are some cutting edge and new industry trends being incorporated by those Recruiting professionals and companies that are attracting and retaining today’s top talent:

1. Mobile technology. Every top candidate has a smartphone.  Firms realize the mobile platform should dominate every aspect of recruiting.  Recruiters who provide communication, video, job descriptions, fill out applications, post resumes, schedule interviews, and perform other administrative tasks via mobile technology will reach more candidates faster and receive a much higher response rate.

2. Recruiters / Firms who can deemphasize resumes and accept online profiles will enable the best candidates to begin the hiring process faster and seamlessly.  Most passive and employed candidates do not have current formal resumes prepared. If a prospect cannot become a candidate and begin the hiring process until a formal resume is completed / submitted, then you can eliminate the “resume update wait period” in the process. LinkedIn profiles can reduce the weakness of traditional resumes put together in haste by candidates who have extensive suitors for their talent.

3. Video currently account for 50% of all mobile traffic. If you/your firm are not using video for job descriptions, employer branding, job postings etc. you are missing an extensive audience. People prefer to view a short video rather than read through text content. It puts your message/brand in the forefront and creates a differentiator.

4. Emloyee referrals will dominate the recruiting landscape. At top firms, 50% of hires will come from quality employee referrals. Building, branding and nurturing a successful employee referral program will not only enable you to identify and attract top talent but will also lead to increased offer acceptance and lower employee turnover. The program must become a part of the corporate culture and not a page in the employee handbook.

5. Clients / Companies must shift to “compelling” job offers. Those that stand out and are different from the competition. Just offering an in-demand candidate “extras” such as a sign on bonus will not be enough. Think about “personalizing” a role for a candidate by providing choices such as core work hours, where they work and possibly which projects they can work on will attract even the most in demand talent in today’s market place.

In closing, most industries/firms are expecting dramatic growth and will be looking to add top talent to fuel that growth. As the world moves faster, the corporate landscape (including the hiring process) must maintain pace. Those that capture and retain top talent will succeed in the years ahead. If you expect to capture cutting edge talent with old school methods alone you can expect marginal results!

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