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Mar 31, 2015

It’s a Scary Word

Author: Sue Bowens

Change.  And I’m not referring to those coins in your pocket.  It’s that word we dread to hear anywhere but most especially at work,  ‘We are having a change in management’, ‘We are changing our process with new software’  or  ‘We are changing our focus and re-allocating the budget to a different project’.  Most of us don’t even like to hear that our department is changing to a different floor.

It’s agreed.  We don’t like change but if you look further, it’s really the uncertainty that comes with change that most people don’t like.  We are creatures of habit and for the most part like knowing what is coming at us each day.  There are good reasons why catchers signal the pitch they want from the pitcher.  No one likes a curve ball when expecting a fast ball.

But what happens when it is a curve ball?

We have options.  We can take a deep breath and accept the change or we can resent it, dig in our heels and make it as difficult as possible. Tamar Chansky  PH.D  suggests that knowing  the three stages of change can ease the transition for us.

Stage 1: Resisting/Reacting:  You’re not looking, you’re judging and it doesn’t look good.

Stage 2: Adjusting/Exploring: You’re gathering information on how to make this work, making choices, making connections, asking questions, digging in.

Stage 3: Living Well in the New Old or the Old New:  You have arrived at your new destination. You’re accepting and incorporating the new so much, you wouldn’t have it any other way: the new is the (new) old.

She also provides advice for handling change. “The way to be gracious (and cut down on your anguish) is not to expect that you’ll have a seamless process, but actually expect the opposite. If you expect discomfort, like slowing down slightly before a familiar bump in the road, it won’t send you flying when you hit it.”

Change, transformation, re-inventing yourself during your career is almost inevitable.  Knowing how to handle change is invaluable.

Now I just hope my editor doesn’t throw me a curve and want me to change this blog.

FYI Solutions can help you through any stage of change. We can provide temporary or permanent staffing placements, make recommendations for appropriate software solutions, or implement highly integrated data management, reporting and analytic solutions.  With 30 years of experience, we know how to get you to stage 3 quickly, easily and have you loving change.  Contact us.


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